Payment Instruction

If you want to pay online, here are some easy steps which you should follow:

Step 1: On every page of our website you can find a big orange button «Оплатить услуги» (Make payment)

Step 2: Click on this button

Step 3: Fill in the gaps with your personal information on the page that will open.

  • Please, choose the services you are paying for:

«Обучение» – if you would like to pay for your classes with one of our teachers.

«Перевод» – if you would like to pay for translation services.

«Занятия по Skype» – if you would like to pay for your online (Skype) classes.

  • Then you will be asked to enter your name and surname, and the telephone number.
  • As soon as you have finished with that, click on «Выбрать способ оплаты» (Choose the way of payment)

Step 4: On the next page you will see the information you have entered and various ways of payment that you could choose: paying by card, via Webmoney, Yandex.Money or other Yandex.Kassa subsystems.

Please, choose the most preferable way, enter the sum of money you would like to transfer and then click on «Оплатить» (Pay).

Step 5: You will be automatically transferred to the Yandex.Kassa website – an online payment system. Here you should enter your card information, then click on «Заплатить» (Pay)

Step 6: The system will most likely suggest sending you a text-message with the password. Click on «Отправить» (Send). These are security measures that help to avoid any fraud.

Step 7: Enter the password that you have received via a text-message and click on «Отправить» (Send).

Step 8: As soon as the transaction has been successfully completed, you may return to our website.